"Use Search Engine Optimization 2.0 …
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We bookmark your site instantly in 12 Social Bookmark Communities
to hugely increase your Website Traffic, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Google PR.

Why Social Bookmarking?



Social Bookmarking is an amazing method for successful SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and you might have heard the buzz about the term Social Bookmark(ing).

Why then is Social Bookmarking so powerful and different from other web promotion tactics?

Social Bookmark websites are basically sites that categorize and store 'bookmark links' (links which can take you to a specific website). Millions of visitors visit these Social Bookmarking sites to search for information!

In bookmarking we post links back to your web page from these Social Bookmark websites and we specify some keywords (we call them TAGS) which categorize your bookmark.

This allows others online to search and even vote for your bookmark. Social Bookmarking really is in a league of its own because of its ability to generate traffic by sharing links.

What you get from Social Bookmarks:

Much more Targeted Traffic to Your Site

Since your bookmarks are categorized into different TAGS, you will get very targeted traffic from people searching within a particular TAG. They will click on your bookmark link and visit your site.

Faster Search Engine Indexing (Google, Yahoo!, MSN ...)

Most of these Social Bookmarking sites have high Page Ranks (PR) - Google's way to rank your site - ranging from 5PR to even 8PR! Therefore, search engine spiders visit these sites much more often so that your links will be crawled almost very fast!

Higher Search Engine Ranking

Getting top quality one-way incoming links is the main factor to higher search engine rankings. With Social Bookmarks, you can get unlimited links to your site. Having more bookmark links that are relevant to your site will result in a higher search engine ranking for your site.

Better Google PageRank

Having high PR Social Bookmarking sites linking to your site will improve your website's PR greatly. With a higher PR, you can link to your other sites and improve their ranking too! You can even monetize your new high PR Ranking by selling links from your site!


But Beware!

Social Bookmarking IS Time Consuming ...


In order to bookmark your website(s), you will need to manually create your accounts at Social Bookmark sites and the problem lies in bookmarking your actual pages. You have to manually login to your account at each of these Social Bookmarking sites and add your page's url, keywords and descriptions - one by one.

The Solution

That does indeed take some time and for the ones who don't want to manually bookmark every day we created a professional Bookmark Links Service. Basically you get the order to us, we do all the work, you get the links. It's as easy and straight forward as that. You can order your links below. In the shopping cart you then can the quantity to as many links as you like (e.g. 4 * 10 Links).

What is a Social Bookmark Site?

A Social Bookmark site is an online community of web users who store and share their bookmarks. Instead of (or in addition to) bookmarking pages in their own browsers, (e.g., articles, blog entries, etc. they find interesting), they 'Tag' these pages and create entries in the social bookmarking site, thus making them public.

Because these social bookmark sites are Web-based, the tags or bookmarks are available for them from any computer online - like your Web-based email account is available to you from work, home, when you travel, etc.

Users categorize their bookmarks and share them so others can browse or find ones that interest them. Many of these sites allow users to 'discuss' tagged articles by posting comments about them. Then the most popular tags appear higher in the respective categories.



What is Social Bookmarking?



Social Bookmarking in plain English

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