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SEO Website Design Concept for Profits

It is relatively straight forward to get a nice looking website - you pay a good designer and they design one for you.

But will this site bring in good online profits? Not necessarily. In the early days of the Internet it was enough to have a pretty looking site up and running and the novelty factor would pull in some business.

But those days are gone for good. In today's competitive environment, you need more than just a nice site otherwise your site will just cost you money, nothing else.

For a greatly profitable website - get:

  • A good Website Designer - who knows SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)
  • An Internet Marketing Expert - who can turn your Goals into a profitable Site

A website designer today not only needs to be a good designer, being able to create nice looking websites. A designer in this competitive Internet age needs to be up to speed with the latest search engine optimisation techniques (SEO). Why? Because he needs to build your site from the start using techniques that make sure your site gets found by the search engines within 80 million other websites.

Further more you want to make sure that someone can translate what you want to achieve with your site and how to get this into your site concept. You might be saying "That's easy, I want to make as many sales as possible." Fair enough but how do you get to that point? Don't expect sales happening from day one - if you haven't set up your site for this from the beginning.

In brief, next to a designer, you want someone who puts together a plan building traffic to your site, creating a prospect list and turning visitors into customer. This is not a designer's job - this get's done by the Internet Marketing Expert.

Website SEO Design Services we offer

Website Concept

We translate your business goals into an Internet website strategy to build you a profitable online business.


Implementation Management

We manage the implementation of your website strategy into your site.

Site Management

We manage your site, including tracking and testing to improve the performance of your online business. We provide this service only for existing clients.

Take advantage of our knowledge and commitment to you the business owner and entrepreneur. Allow to become your partner to give you the knowledge and tools to help create an even more successful website.

SEO Site Structure Principles for a successful Website

Flash (Intro) Pages: Most busy visitors don't have the patience to wait for an intro to load and most search engines won't read your flash anyway.

Page Title Tag: This what shows up hyperlinked in search engine results, so make people want to click on it. Descriptive, with your most important keywords, no more than 80 characters.

Meta Tags: The description meta tag should include one or two sentences (up to 250 chars) describing the contents of this particular webpage. Use this pages' most important keywords and keyphrases because some search engines will display this description.

For safety reasons include a keyword meta tag, although major search engines have stated to disregard those for ranking purposes.

Headlines: H1, H2, H3 in HTML - your headlines should include your most important keyword at least once.

Body Text: The first paragraph of the content of your webpage article or text should contain the main keywords for that page.

Hyperlink text and file names: Search engines believe that the words contained in hyperlinks on your webpages are important, and thus rank them higher. If the file names contained in the hyperlink URLs contain important keywords, than they count for your page ranking.

Site Navigation Systems: Always get your navigation system designed so it not only helps your visitors to find their way through your site but also lets the search engines easily index all of your pages. Common matters that could problems for search engines are: Frames, Javascript and Flash plus dynamically generated webpages.

Get these basic techniques implemented into your site first since they are an important part of your business goal / site visitor / seo website concept.

We can provide the skills needed and we are happy to give you a free quote here (just click on the link).

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... so easy to understand. I learned a lot. The material is probably enough to spread over a whole week."


... [he] was able to point out opportunities to increase my site traffic and the conversion rate from visitors to sales.
[He] suggested online marketing strategies to stay in contact with my customers more easily and he showed me ways to optimize my site including automating some of the marketing.
Automation will give me the opportunity to actually do real marketing now.
But as a busy entrepreneur I would not get round actually doing it, if none of it could be automated.
I am convinced this will bring more traffic to my site, plus with the improved conversion rate, more sales. Thanks so much! ...



... I have been genuinely surprised and pleased.
[The] advice was refreshingly down to earth and straight to the point.
You have given me a fresh way of looking at the structure of my site with specific real-world tips.
This feedback has been valuable and I only wish I found you earlier!
Consider me a long-term client ...

Paul Williams

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