"Generate Great Revenues Online
by selling your Products & Services
through the iEL Network Community.

How You Can Use The iEL Affiliate Program As A Merchant / Seller

Do you sell Internet Marketing related information products and/or services?

If YES, than you can sell your products & services online through the fast growing Internet-Experts-Live (iEL) network community.


No Need For Your Own Affiliate Program

You don't need to build your own affiliate program, or buy one. We pay for it, we build and maintain it. You simply use it to sell your products & services.


Affiliates For You

We find affiliates for you - FREE. Affiliates who sell your products & services for you. You just tell us how much commission you can pay them. We set everything up for you, you check your sales and bank account. That's it.


Why We Do It

Yes, that's unheard of and you probably won't find such a great opportunity anywhere else. So why can we make you such an offer? What do we get out of letting you sell your products & services through our affiliate system? We get to work, co-operate and possibly joint venture with you, even if you have competing products & services.


Free Set-Up | Administration

We set up your products & services on the affiliate merchant system without no cost to you. All we need is a small administration fee of $1.25 per product or service weekly, to maintain your account and to cover our basic cost. Please understand that at such low cost we ask for a minimum contract of 6 months only. After that you can cancel your account at any time. However we think you won't want to do that, you will want to increase the number of products / services and sales.


Sales Transactions

We believe that charging a very reasonable transaction fee is in the best interest of everybody. When you are just starting out and selling little, the transaction fee is really neglible and when you are selling at considerable volumes, then you put the merchant system under strain - you use the system more than others - you produce more admin and hosting cost - therefore we need to cover more cost. That is why we are charging an affordable transaction fee of 5%, when you sell something.



We even allow direct competitors to sell your products & services through the merchant affiliate system, as long as your products & services provide excellent value for money. Please don't hesitate to approach us.


Who we are

Internet-Experts-Live (iEL) is an Expert group using Social Media Networks to promote ones (personal) brand and business.


It's easy!

Just follow these Simple Steps and Start Selling Online:

1. Sign-Up
as a Merchant here.
2. Set up your Products & Services (we do that for you).
3. Sell
with iEL Affiliates.



iEL Affiliate Merchant Program - Features and Benefits:

  1. IEL Merchant VerificationSet your Affiliate Commissions yourself: We currently pay up to 50%, recurring commissions, lifelong; but we leave it to you to decide how much you can pay out. Just let us know the affiliate commissions you will pay.
  2. The iEL Affiliate Program contains a growing number of products & services, making it interesting for affiliates to work long-term with us.
  3. The iEL Affiliate Program pays commissions on people who buy later, whenever they come back. (Unlimited cookie expiry.) If your affiliates send you a visitor who doesn’t buy right away but comes back at a later stage- your affiliate will still get his/her full commission.


  • Two-Tier Affiliate Program. Affiliates and sub-affiliates will sell your products & services through the “two tier” affiliate structure, if they find your offer interesting.
  • Get notified instantly every time you make a sale. Whenever a customer buys any of your products & serives, we will send you an e-mail.
  • Monitor your sales stats, conversion rates, and earnings using our world-class control panel.
  • paypalReview your account history which shows all sales you’ve made and see how many affiliates could be selling your products & services!
  • Reliable and accurate advanced cookie tracking gives all affiliates credit for their sales.
  • Receive free phone support through our dedicated Affiliate Managers. We are here to help [Customer Service].
  • Powerful, inspiring affiliate training program for affiliates to support them to become even more successful affiliates and how to use Internet Marketing Web 2.0 to your full advantage.
  • Great fun team to work with.
  • Bonus: 35% discounted access to most Internet-Experts-Live events.
  • Bonus: Reduced rates (some free) for events, seminars, workshops, DVDs, CDs, Tapes, Books etc.

Reserve your iEL Affiliate Merchant Account now:

No. of Products, Services
Weekly Maintenance Fee
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  • No. of Products or Services: The number of products and/or services you want to sell using the Affiliate Merchant System. When you get transferred to the shoppingcart, please change the number '1' to the number of products / services you want to sell through the system.
  • Weekly Maintenance Fee: How little we charge you weekly per product/service to cover the basic administration, server and hosting cost.
  • Reserve Your Account Here: Reserve your Affiliate Merchant Account here by clicking the button above.








How Will You Get Paid?


get paid quickly and conveniently directly into your secure Paypal account. (Very easy and free to set-up a Paypal account.) Payments get transferred monthly as long as the minimum amount is over $50. If the amount is under $50 it will simply roll forward until you reach the this minimum threshold of $50.

If you don't have a free Paypal account, click here to get a Paypal account free. Paypal is a top online and secure payments provider.





Top Class Affiliate System

SwitchboardWe are using one of the best and most secure Affiliate Systems on the Internet.

That gives you and us all the best service and security available. With our Affiliate System you can monitor your earnings 24/7 through the online reporting and monitoring program.

IEL Merchant VerificationDo you have any questions? Please find answers to most Affiliate Questions here or call our dedicated affiliate manager, who will be pleased to talk you through some of the more technical features of the programme.

Sign up today for your Affiliate Merchant Account and you will get instant access to our exclusive "Resource Center," where we show you how our program can put additional income streams in your account every month!

Legal Note: Your success depends on your dedication, desire, and motivation! It is up to you how many income streams you will add. The examples used on this website are exceptional results, which usually do not apply to the average purchaser, and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results.


"The collective insecurity of the world makes it easy for people to hit home runs while everyone else is aiming for base hits. There is just less competition for bigger goals. Doing big things begins with asking for them properly." Timothy Ferris


Two easy steps
to become a Merchant right now:

  1. Sign up for your Affiliate Merchant Account. It is very easy and quick!
  2. Within a few minutes, you'll receive our welcome e-mail with your exclusive password to the Merchant Resource Center, which will show you how to you can start selling your products & services within 5 minutes!
Affiliate Sign-Up

If you experience any problems, or have any questions about our Merchant Program, please e-mail us at merchants@internet-experts-live.com.

Start Earning Commissions Now!!

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All courses of action are risky,
so prudence is not in avoiding danger (it's impossible), but calculating risk and acting decisively.

Make mistakes of ambition and not mistakes of sloth.

Develop the strength to do bold things, not the stregth to suffer.

     Niccolo Machiavelli, The Prince

"Thoroughly recommended!"

... put together for me a whole [web]site concept, specific to my own business situation at the moment.
He also pointed out a number of ways how to improve the profits made from my website, applying some smart internet marketing strategies and techniques.
I can highly recommend [his] help to improve other people's online business. ...

Birgitte Knaus
Portrait painter


"Tremendous Opportunities"

... As a service provider with an emphasis on local customer support I was very interested to find out about the tremendous opportunities the Internet provides for local information and advertising which should help a lot to build our brand in the area...
Greatly appreciated...

H. Teichert - www.suntrader.co.uk
Suntrader, Exceptional Service and Design


"Immediate Effect "

.. From the start I sensed the initial comments he advocated, to make the content and pages more focused, would have an immediate effect on the sites ranking and by implementing the suggested changes an increase in 'site specific' traffic would eventuate.
What's more, these changes could be done without spending a penny! In a nutshell, we learnt ways to implement small changes that will have profound effects ...

Ann C.


"Excellent Immediate Results"

... [he] rapidly brought to bear his experience and insights to give us several avenues to explore to make the site more effective, especially in the current initial startup phase, and the imminent marketing phase. He clearly perceives the issues with both a close-up and near-term perspective, which is excellent for immediate results, but with an enthusiasm also for suggestions which we can implement in the longer to medium term...

Andrew Mather
Director, Balaena Ltd - www.balaena.com

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