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Why Social Networks? - Google says: "In general, [everybody] can improve the Rank of their Sites by increasing the Number of high-quality Sites that link to their Pages” [Google Webmaster Center]

Get targeted Website Traffic ...

... with Top Quality Links to Your Website.

High quality one-way links have become one of the most important aspects of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to improve your rankings on search engine results pages. The more valuable inbound links your site gets, the more popular it is, the higher your site gets ranked, the more traffic it gets.

One-way links (also known as Inbound, Non-Reciprocal and Incoming links) have gained great importance in ranking websites. Major search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN today, rely on 'Link Popularity' to determine how important your site is in order to rank it high and show it on their search results pages.

Consequently, Web Site Optimization, needs a large number of relevant incoming links to help your website in getting a high search engine ranking.

Website Link Building Benefits

Website Link Building not only improves your Website Traffic but your Search Engine Rankings too if done right.

In a Professional Link Building Program we will deliver Top Quality Incoming Links so your website benefits from:

See the above 'Benefits' explained.
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Mixed-PR Link Building Programs

The objective of a quality Link Building Program is to boost both importance and relevance of your web pages, since Search Engine ranking is a combination of these two aspects:

See the 'Importance & Relevance' of Incoming Links explained.
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A mixed-PR Program will achieve importance and relevance of your Incoming Links as follows:

  • Incoming links are secured from different web pages ranging from PR0 to PR6.
  • Higher PR links help you gain importance for your web pages. Although these links are difficult to find and more expensive, they improve an important ranking parameter for your website.
  • Lower PR links help you gain relevance of your website by leveraging the Anchor Text value from incoming links. Although the higher PR links also add to your website's relevance, the lower PR links are more economical and achieve the objective of improving "relevance" of your website more cost effectively.

Lower-PR links appreciating in value

Lower PR link pages increase in PR over time, more rapidly as compared to higher PR link pages. For example, a PR1 page is likely to jump to PR3 much faster than a PR4 page would jump to a PR6 page.

In a Link Building Program you might get PR0 or PR1 links for which you pay a lower cost. Those links may turn into PR3 or PR4 link in just 3 - 6 months time. A study of past 20 projects has shown us that about 39% of PR0 and PR1 quality links jump in PR in 6-months time.

How Link Building Works

We deliver a highly effective Link Building Program which usually runs over several weeks according to the requirements set with you.

We will send you:

  • Reports with the details of the created links such as - Site URL, link page URL, PageRank of the link page & anchor text of the link.

Once we have set up the Program with you - we monitor the Program and once in a while change certain parameters in agreement with you. For this we would want to be able to contact you (or any other person authorised by you). You don't have to do anything else, your Program runs on 'autopilot' - we do all the work for you.

Link Building Program Parts:

See the Link Building Methodology explained.
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Link Building is a time consuming task undertaken over the course of several weeks. Why does it take so much time? Because, it is a lot of manual work, as you will be able to see from the explanations of the process parts above and even if we could build all quality links in one week, the search engines would simply disregard them.

Major search engines understand that a large number of sites are deploying Link Exchange Programs to boost their site's PR over night. Don't waste your money and good name on Link Exchange Programs!

Search engines are currently fine-tuning their algorithms to completely discount direct link exchanges in order to preserve the effect of their link popularity related algorithms and rationalize artificially inflated links popularity of sites. Which in turn would mean your investment would be lost, had you invested in a Link Exchange Program.

We therefore recommends to all its clients to build quality Incoming Links over time from industry relevant websites that will lend you a higher Google PageRank (PR).


Ethical and Effective Link Building Guidelines

In performing a Professional Link Building Program for you Advanced Marketing on the Internet Ltd / Internet-Experts-LIve follows ethical and efficient link building guidelines. Listed below are some of the Quality Guidelines we use, to ensure that you get the maximum benefits from your Link Building Program:

We believe we can deliver the best value for your money with top-quality links from relevant

We have a dedicated team carrying out keyword research, link text creation, scope analysis, data-mining, project setup, links creation, quality monitoring and reporting. All our link building services follow strict process and quality protocols.

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