Website Competition Analysis & Report

Overtake Your Competitors In Website Sales

In today's competitive Environment it is most important to understand
what your Competitiors are doing - and not doing.

Overtake Your Competition by getting this important information:

Information about your competition's most successful online ads

  • their Google, Yahoo and MSN Ads
  • the Number of times their Ads appear
  • their Ad's positions

  • the Keywords their websites rank for
  • a comprehensive Competition Keyword Map

  • their Landing pages

  • their Google Page Rank (PR) data
  • their Technorati Blog Data
  • their Alexa Traffic Data

  • and much more ...

Competition Report Key Features:

Competitor AnalysisDetailed Market Analysis

The Competition Analysis will work with any niche keyword list you give us and expose exactly who the competitors are in that market. You will see a detailed market analysis map ranking each competitor according to their relative strength in Google/ Yahoo and MSN – representing over 85 % of the global search market – invaluable information that up until now, changed hands for tens of thousands of dollars.




Website Traffic

You will see in an instant how much traffic each competitor is getting from the pay-per-click search engines and know immediately which of your competitors are successful and who are not. You can instantly rank competitors in terms of relative performance and know without doubt who is doing what.


Keywords and Traffic

The Keyword Report will show which competitors are using which keywords in their advertising campaigns. This information is pure gold for online marketers and has always been very hard to work out – until now. We just provide you with all this information.

The Competition Report will explain exactly where your competitors are advertising on Google, Yahoo and MSN. What’s more you will see exactly which ads they are running, complete with drill down to their underlined loading pages.


Organic Search intelligence

The Keyword Report will give you a detailed analysis of your competitor’s performance on the organic search engines and on the pay-per-click search engines. 

Detailed Competitor Comparisons

In the report we can directly compare two competitions head-to-head and keyword-by-keyword. Know which keywords are common to both competitors and which ones are not - good ground to overtake them without them even knowing it.

Profits on the Internet are exploding ...

and because of that, every day, thousands more people and companies are competing online.

paypalAt the heart of competing with other companies in your chosen field lie the keywords you and your competitors are using in paid ads and on search engine optimized website pages.

  • If you know which keywords your competitors are using and how successful they are with those, You can be as successful as they are or far more successful.
  • With the WEBSITE COMPETITION ANALYSIS & REPORT you get a comprehensive report complete with competition maps, giving you an unfair advantage over your competition.
  • Priceless information about your competition’s pay-per-click ads and organic search pages
  • Delivered in 5 working days, to your e-mail address
  • Complete with website competition market map

Get your Hands on your Competition's data

IEL Merchant Verification... competition research involves crunching an immense amount of data – and we do all of that for you!

  • Receive a list of your competitors whether new or already established in your field.
  • For each competitor on that list you will see how successful they are and which keywords they are using.

"This is absolute priceless information!"

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Thoroughly recommended!"

... [he) was able to point out opportunities to increase my site traffic and the conversion rate from visitors to sales. He suggested online marketing strategies to stay in contact with my customers more easily and he showed me ways to optimize my site including automating some of the marketing. Automation will give me the opportunity to actually do real marketing now. But as a busy entrepreneur I would not get round actually doing it, if none of it could be automated.
I am convinced this will bring more traffic to my site, plus with the improved conversion rate, more sales. Thanks so much! ...


... I have been genuinely surprised and pleased. [The] advice was refreshingly down to earth and straight to the point. You have given me a fresh way of looking at the structure of my site with specific real-world tips. This feedback has been valuable and I only wish I found you earlier! Consider me a long-term client ...

Paul Williams

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For the past 33 years, I have looked in the mirror every morning and asked myself:

"If today were the last day day of my life, would I want to do what I am about to do today?"

... all external expectations, all pride, all fear of embarrassment or failure - these things just fall away in the face of death, leaving only what is truly important.

Remembering that you are going to die is the best way I know to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose.

          Steve Jobs, college dropout
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