Karl zu Ortenburg, MSc is a business and Internet strategist who has worked with a wide span of clients, ranging from entrepreneurs who “were not sure about the Internet” when they started with him to business owners who made over $200 million in about five years.

Companies he has worked with include BMG / Bertelsmann AG, Random House, Dow Chemicals, Philips and others.



So many Websites fall far short of their potential to attract the number of customers their businesses deserve.

The astonishing fact is that this is straightforward to change, but many business owners don’t know how to do it.

Therefore - to get you a high place on Google, direct much more traffic to your site and turn visitors into customers for your business - I have combined the 8 most important search engine optimization techniques into my 'GROW Method', and make it available to you!

On top of granting FREE access to the easy-to-follow but comprehensive version of the ‘GROW' Course, I also want to give a selected number of dedicated business owners the opportunity to work with me directly for a specific highly productive period.

This means: We do the majority of the work for you, you watch the traffic coming in! Plus I guarantee at least 30% traffic increase to your website in three months.

This golden opportunity comes at a fraction of what I normally charge for this type of private client work, and it is largely for one reason:

I am looking for success stories of the GROW Method to feature in a video course.

If you think your business has what it takes, if you are ready for a great leap in traffic to your website and customers to your business, get in touch with me. Call +44 7731 3077 or email, or to secure a place, register by clicking the button above.

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I am looking forward to talk to you!


Karl zu Ortenburg


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A Personal Message from Karl zu Ortenburg, the author of 'SEO Insider Secrets':

Dear Business Owner, Manager and Professional,

Over 1.5 billion people are using the Internet today. What does that mean to you or your individual business or practice? Here is what it means:

On average 80 per cent of your prospective customers are coming from the search engines today and you are losing too many prospects, potential revenues and profits to your competitors day by day if you are not optimising your website.

I know, there is so much information on the Internet supposedly advising you how to best build and optimise a website that it is almost overwhelming. But there’s a problem. Which – out of frankly dozens and dozens of supposed SEO techniques flying around the web these days – should you individually use to optimize your website?

This has been a source of confusion for the business world.

I wanted to end this confusion, provide a simple to follow, step-by-step SEO breakthrough method that enables every day businesses and professional practices to create unbelievably rapid website responses.

The secret of this step-by-step method is the combination of the most powerful, tested SEO techniques in the world today, into one potent and effective method that can easily be understood and applied by virtually anyone. I call it the ‘GROW Method’ (GROW stands for Get New Customers Rapidly On the Web),and it can grow your business very quickly and effectively.

It takes simple but competition crushing steps from start to finish, from understanding how you can attract dozens, hundreds or even thousands of prospective customers, and how to watch new customers coming through the door – online – and strong profits flowing into your bank account.

Until now I have only shared his method with my private clients. Consulting with me in private usually costs at least a $35,000 retainer fee plus 5 to 15 percent of the increased profits we generate for your business.

But because I want to give something back, I have agreed to give serious company owners, businesses and professionals FREE access to the SEO 'GROW Course' and GROW Membership Site (regular price $97/month) for one month. It will help you to optimize your businesses quickly and very successfully.

In the ‘GROW Course I have combined the most powerful and proven search engine and business optimization techniques to date to attract new customers to virtually any website and blog (in fact, nowadays blogs tend to show up faster on the search engines than websites because their content is usually more up-to-date).

These state-of-the-art SEO business optimization techniques have been tested by no less than 72 of the world’s most acknowledged Internet experts but have never been combined in such a powerful way before.

The 'GROW Method' provides what almost no-one in the world has recognised – that when these techniques are combined, they create a response virtually impossible to achieve when each works only on its own.

I have used the 'GROW Method' extensively, and frankly, I think this is one of the biggest breakthroughs in business optimisation strategy on the Internet today. When you hold the method in your hands, you will quickly see why and probably agree with me.

So, just to make this clear: as long as you act quickly, you will get free access to the GROW Course and to the GROW Membership Site (regular price $97/month), for one month. This includes a wealth of free material and practical worksheets.

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GROW Search Engine Training Course


Here’s just a taster of what you will get, how quickly your business or professional practice can grow, and how quickly you can watch your website perform 5 to 10 to 20 to 100 times more profitably in just weeks:

bullet2 How to ethically attract up to 42 percent of your prospective customers on Google to your site ...and put the profits in your bank instead of allowing them to go to competitors.
bullet2 The key ingredient for your site to build virtually instant trust with total strangers and convert them into loyal lifetime customers up to 9 times faster than your site has ever done before.
bullet2 How your site can outperform your competitors' sites, by legally discovering their weaknesses.
bullet2 How you can save thousands on marketing cost today, yet achieve higher inquiries and more sales.
bullet2 21 powerful web optimisation and SEO tools including Karl's top 3 recommendations that save you dozens of hours and thousands of pounds or dollars.
bullet2 The most effective SEO techniques used by 72 top Internet Experts - fine tuned and combined into 11 easy yet more powerful than ever steps.
bullet2 The 20 most effective Link building tactics to get you quality links. Today search engines require quality links, not just any links!
bullet2 The 14 listing factors that actually attract 'local' customers to your business. Here's how to create them and get them working for you in days.
bullet2 How to quickly assess the size of your potential market segment and its greatest profitability.
bullet2 The 5 absolutely critical ways to avoid getting blacklisted or even banned by Google or other search engines.
bullet2 Save thousands in marketing costs today, yet achieve higher quality leads and sales for your business.
bullet2 Why you must apply the superior 'theme park' concept to your site immediately... it is proven to bring in many more customers online than the old 'shopping mall' concept. Find out how to do it.
bullet2 The single greatest move you can make on your website that turns more visitors into customers than anything else you ever do, no matter how much you spend on other techniques.
bullet2 How to make your website virtually instantly more attractive to every visitor, including some of your most important visitors - the main search engines.
bullet2 The greatest key to effective communication with customers, that results in dramatically higher enquiries and sales, revealed by the world's leading Internet experts.
bullet2 The proven single most important money making element on any website, article, press release, advert ... Make sure you are using it on your website (and in everything else you put out).
bullet2 How to save thousands of dollars or pounds on analysing your web statistics and gain even better insight into your site traffic and marketing effectiveness.
bullet2 Receive a powerful easy-to-apply SEO plan template to see what you can do to overtake your competitors.
bullet2 Understand why so many websites are starting to use blogs, and how consistently updated blog content with back links to your main company site can help you to get better search engine rankings.
bullet2 How to know what your likely customers are looking for and make them come straight to you, not your competition.
bullet2 Attract more visitors to your business online each week, by using the experts' specific optimization shortcuts.
bullet2 Know the size of any potential new market segment you wish to enter and it's profitability before to decide to invest in it, so you can exponentially increase the return of your investments.
bullet2 Be as knowledgeable about your website as the smartest SEO consultant
bullet2 Learn to build instant trust with total strangers and turn them into buying customers up to 5 times faster than with conventional methods.
bullet2 Download several practical SEO work sheets free for your business that top internet experts use to perform keyword research and analyse their competition.


and much, much more ...

If you are excited about all of the above – and you should be! – let me tell you that this is only a fraction of what this method reveals to enable you to quickly and powerfully increase your website's performance not just by a few percentage points but by giant leaps virtually every week.

I see the breakthrough of the GROW Method being this: by combining the worlds most tested and powerful Internet optimization strategies of today, your site benefits from the geometric effect of the best of the best and the fastest of the fastest.

It means that your site virtually automatically attracts significantly greater numbers of ready-to-buy prospects and actual customers from your particular market place.


A quick note about the GROW Course that you will get FREE access to today!

Is there a catch? Let’s be 100 percent transparent here. Is access to the SEO 'GROW Method' literally completely free for the first month? And why on earth would anyone give away so much value FREE? It’s a fair question. You and I know that in business hardly anything ever is entirely free, so is there a catch?

There is no catch - there is an opportunity that you may wish to take up, following the course. But it is entirely up to you and there is absolutely no obligation to do so whatsoever, either now or in the future.


Here’s the bottom line: Remember, we use the ‘GROW Method’ in our private client work to increase the wealth of clients who witness extraordinary geometric increases in website activity and profit.

But I am currently making a select group of people an unusual offer: My recent book "Insider SEO Secrets" has just hit the bookshelves. I will publish another book in summer, with live examples of companies applying the breakthrough SEO 'GROW Method' increasing their website traffic and profiting by astonishing amounts.

For this reason my office will contact some lucky people that have free access to the GROW Method with a chance to become one of only 12 business owners, entrepreneurs and professionals who I will work with privately (at a fraction of a fraction of a fraction of my normal fees) and who will feature as one of the exciting examples in my new SEO case study book.

So, lookout for this opportunity, it is one of a lifetime opening to work with an Internet insider to optimize your own business, website and results. You can look at my offer as a completely separate entity and decide whether it is the greatest opportunity to increase traffic to your website that has come your way in the last decade, and therefore you decide to grab it quickly, or you decide it’s not for you. But you can decide if and when you get my offer.

Right now, the only thing to do is focus on claiming free access to the GROW Course and Membership Site now. It is FREE as a Special Promotion for one month. This offer runs for a limited time only, (regular price $97 per month). This dynamite breakthrough method gets you benefitting substantially in the days and weeks ahead.

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GROW Search Engine Training Course

I am looking forward to hear about your success with the GROW Course.

With my best regards,

Karl zu Ortenburg



P.S. I have just added a ‘Surprise Bonus’ and will send the Bonus to you separately once you have received the free access to our SEO Method.



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