Karl zu Ortenburg, MSc is a business and Internet strategist who has worked with a wide span of clients, ranging from entrepreneurs who “were not sure about the Internet” when they started with him to business owners who made over $200 million in about five years.

Companies he has worked with include BMG / Bertelsmann AG, Random House, Dow Chemicals, Philips and others.




So many businesses fall far short of their potential to attract the number of customers - local or global - their businesses deserve.

The astonishing fact is that this is straightforward to change, but many business owners don’t know how to do it or hesitate to get an expert do it for them.

If your car had a problem, you would get it to a garage and have it fixed, right? Or would you crawl in an under the car to see whether you can fix it yourself?

If you indeed would want to do it yourself and get the traffic yourself plus figure out the best ways to convert them into buyers, here's the good news:

You can get my DIY Step-by-Step SEO, Social Media and Conversion Course in which I have combined the 8 most important search engine optimization techniques into my 'GROW Method'!

For everyone who would rather take their car to the garage and get it fixed by experts, I have good news, too:

I can actually get the traffic, the conversions and the customers for you! I use a range of techniques to achieve that. So of these techniques will get you traffic much quicker than the standard way and YES, we use so called 'white hat' techniques to achieve this.

This means: We do the work for you, you watch the traffic coming in!

If you want to find out get in touch with me. Call the office +44 7731 3077 or email info[at]

I am looking forward to talk to you,

Karl zu Ortenburg
Karl zu Ortenburg


“I Recommend Him To Anyone “…

has enabled me to achieve a site that I am proud of. I am now looking to use his services for my next Internet project and I would highly recommend him to anyone …

David Salmon,



“Save you a lot of money “ …

made very simple so everyone could get the message quickly even if you had no experience on the Internet. I would recommend it to anyone who is looking to make money on the Internet.

Robert de Souza,

Social Entrepreneur & Catalyst


“Maximise the potential for your site”… I found it eye opening, learning what it takes and how you can maximize the potential for your site. I got much more of business mind about it now. Ten out of ten! …

Keith Lawrence,

Muzik-Ed Productions


"Our Sales Will Benefit Greatly"… I As a service provider with an emphasis on local customer support I was very interested to find out about the tremendous opportunities the Internet provides for local information and advertising which should help a lot to build our brand in the area ...

H. Teichert,

Suntrader, Exceptional Service and Design



“60% of Your Potential Customers
use the Internet to Search for Local Businesses, and 60% of those Searchers make a Purchase!" (

Attract 100s of Potential Customers and Clients Today with a A LOCAL Business Listing

Of the 1.8 billion people online worldwide, there are hundreds and thousands of people looking for services or products like yours - locally. Most of them would rather buy from a company in your area rather than one far away or even abroad.



Potential Customers and Clients Will Find You Locally Now



In this video, business owners explain how a Local Business Listing on Google Places has helped them to attract local customers quickly.


Your Local Business Listing works like an additional 24/7 sales agent bringing potential customers to your business. And it is a very affordable way to get in front of prospects, your competition and onto Google's page number one!




How To Get A Local Business Listing


Basically all it needs to get a Local Business Listing is set it up on Google and this can be done in a very short time. We guarantee to set up basic Local Business Listings within 48 hours - which is so much faster than designing a website.


Now your business is listed on Google - whether you have a website or not and you can check your listing by searching your company on Google maps, typing in your business name, post code etc.


GoogleWhen your basic local listing is up and running, we do a bit of tweaking and testing for you to make sure your listing shows on Google's 1st search results page. Meaning if someone is searching for a solicitor, dentist, printer, plumber, website designer etc. in your area, your listing will appear right in front of their eyes, on Google.





Listings Example


Here is an example of Google Local Business Listings for 'Accountants in West Malling':


Google Local Business Listings


Local listings appear on top of the so called 'natural' or 'organic' search results. Today about 80% of your potential customers click on these search results rather than the paid PPC ads on the top and to the right.So whenever someone searches for example for an estate agent in Fulham, they would see 7 local business listings on top of the other free listings.


The fact that these listings are local, very visible and that Google even provides a map where you can find any particular business makes it very likely that a potential customer clicks one of the 7 local business listings shown.


Not only that but since your new 'website' is provided by Google, it carries some trust already and the figures stated by above show that indeed a high percentage (60%!) of people go on and make a purchase.



Get Your Local Business Listing


This how you can get your Local Business Listing usually within 48 hours:


We add your

  • - company description,
  • - any other texts,
  • - photos / images,
  • - videos,
  • - current offers,
  • - coupons,
  • - payments types,
  • - contact details,
  • - hours of business,
  • - service or products categories,
  • - product / service reviews,
  • - a link to your website
  • - even what type of parking is available
  • - and more
  • to your Local Business Listing

We submit your Local Business Listing to (local) Directories.


We show you a Report of:

  • - who is searching for your business ...
  • - what they are looking for ...
  • - where they come from ...
  • - and more ...




Start Today!


Start today, get your Local Business Listing up and see it show up on Google Maps!


It's a small investment, compared to what you can get out of your new Google Local Business Listing.See it attract leads and potential customers to your business and it's pretty straightforward to break even on this cost and most of businesses will get a very, very healthy return on their investment!



Special Offer

We Are Currently Offering Something Rather Special:


If you decide to get your Local Business Listing set up and optimised today, we reduce the regular price of $297 down to a low $97! This means, that you get the setting up of your listing effectively for free. Plus we optimize your listing instantly for a top spot in the 7 Google Local Business Listings!


Please note that we will take this offer down soon, so if you want the very special deal, take it now.



It's a small investment, compared to what you can get out of your new Google Local Business Listing. See it attract leads and potential customers to your business and it's pretty straightforward to break even on this cost and most of businesses will get a very, very healthy return on their investment!



"Get A Top Google Local Business Listing Now!"


Add To Cart


Please note: We will make sure your Google Local Business Listing stays in Google's 7 top search results by optimising your listing according to changes in Google's over 40 local search engine ranking factors for your low monthly investment as stated above. In most cases it takes about three months of tweaking and testing to get your listing appear in Google's 7 local search results box. Should you feel you are happy with the results and don't need any optimisation or updating anymore, feel free to cancel anytime. There are no cancellation fees.



GuaranteeMy personal guarantee to you is that if your Google Local Business Listing doesn't show up on Google Maps and you have given us the correct information, business address with postcode etc., you get your money back! Fair enough?


If you have any questions give the office a call at 020 7731 3077, Corinna can either answer your questions or make an appointment with me. Alternatively you can e-mail me at info [at]



To your success,


Karl zu Ortenburg

Karl zu Ortenburg



P.S. Remember, we can set up this additional 'mini website' - your Local Business Listing within 48 hours and it will start to attract prospects to your business 24/7, 365 days a year.


P.P.S. Note: You could miss 60% of your potential local customers and clients if you are not using a using a Google Local Business Listing.